(More) NRO Ignorance On Public Display

Spaceship Earth - An astronaut is up above the clouds, National Review Online

"With the shuttle seemingly falling apart around her, Collins might spend a little time worrying about how she's going to get her crew safely back to terra firma, even if it is badly polluted. Home, sweet home be it ever so humble."

Editor's note: Ah, the semi-weekly space update from the ill-informed wonks at the National Review Online - you know, the guys who sit behind their desks all day - and their spouse picks them up in the SUV at the train station at 5:30. Meanwhile, Eileen flies a spaceship for a living.

I'll take Eileen's "view from above the clouds" over the rants of some armchair wannabes - any day of the week.

Anti-astronaut Tripe From NRO (earlier post)

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