Pretty New Flowers at JSC - Actually A Good Idea

Editor's note: I stand corrected. Someone at JSC is using their head!

"Hi Keith--You sent a note to Linda Matthews-Schmidt of our staff asking for the value of our grant with the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center.The value of the grant is $65,000.The funding comes from the same source as money used to maintain the grounds. We are, like Marshall, in a cost-cutting mode and are hoping that the study will result in an environmentally-responsible plan that will allow us to let more of the grounds go to a "natural state," requiring less maintenance in the long run and thereby reduce our spending in that area. Rather than letting the non-native vegetation such as St. Augustine grassrun wild, wearehopingto find native plants thatrequire little or no maintenance. The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center ( is a recognized organization that promotes the use of native plants in the ecosystem. Theywill be a good partner in helping us restorenative species to the area and--over the long run--save money in the process of doing so."

If you have questions about this matter, please call me at 281-483-2316."


Greg Hayes

Greg Hayes
AD/External Relations
NASA, Johnson Space Center

NASA Teams With Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

"NASA has awarded Austin's Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center a grant to create a native plant landscape master plan at the Johnson Space Center."

NASA MSFC Memo: Let the Grass Grow Tall

"The Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance contracts have been de-scoped due to funding limitations. There will be no new flowers planted, weeds will not be removed from plant beds, parking areas and sidewalks ..."

Editor's note: JSC has enough extra money floating around to pay for new flowers - and issues a formal agency press release to that effect - while MSFC does not have enough money to mow lawns. Meanwhile, job cuts loom across the agency due to lack of funds. Is this flower message part of NASA's Strategic Communications Strategy? Or is PAO just asleep at the wheel?

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