Sneak Peek at Griffin's AIAA Speech Tomorrow

An Advance Look at NASA Administrator Mike Griffin's AIAA Speech

"The Exploration Vision commits our nation to the exploration of the Solar System, beginning with a return of humans to the Moon by the end of the next decade, and from there to subsequent voyages to Mars. I'm here today to discuss something of how we plan to reach these goals."

Reader comment: "I was reading Dr. Griffin's AIAA speech and found it curious that he would write that "The Ming Dynasty had a fleet of 1,500 ships, the largest of which rivaled the size of an aircraft carrier today." This sounded a little suspicious and, after a little Googling, I found that the largest of the Ming ships were (arguably)a little over 500 feet long and displaced about 1,500 tons.

Those magnificent ships, while formidable for their day, were nowhere near the size and tonnage of modern aircraft carriers.Today's U.S. aircraft carriers are over over a 1000 feet long and displace about 100,000 tons.

I understand and agree with Dr. Griffin's overall point, but why exaggerate? It's impressive enough to say that the Ming ships were six times longer and ten times heavier than comparable European ships of the period."


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