STS-114 Status

Space Shuttle Discovery's Landing Waved Off for Monday

"Due to low clouds at the KSC landing site, NASA has waved off both landing opportunities for Discovery today. Commander Eileen Collins and the rest of the crew will return the orbiter to normal flight operations for another day."

- NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 7 August 2005
- NASA STS-114 Mission Status Report #25 - 7 August 2005 - noon CDT
- Landing Day Arrives For Space Shuttle Discovery

"Collins and her crewmates immediately began preparing the orbiter and themselves for landing. Their first landing opportunity is at Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 4:47 a.m. Monday. If weather prohibits landing on that orbit, they will have another opportunity about 90 minutes later."

Tension grows as 'Discovery' crew prepares for re-entry, The Inpdependent

"Keith Cowing, a former Nasa scientist who now runs the website, said officials were confident and Nasa hoped to use the boost of a safely completed mission to announce it had solved the problem of falling debris from the external tanks and that the next shuttle flights - scheduled for September - could go ahead."

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