Devon Island Update - Polar Bears Return

Editor's update: If you check today's external webcam image you'll see that the greenhouse and HMP base camp was visited once again by what seems to be a mother polar bear and at least one cub. The last visit was on/around 15/16 September. The following images from yesterday and earlier this month show the original tracks - and the new ones - quite clearly.

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25 September 2005 Image

16 September 2005 Image

Growing lettuce for Mars, Arctic style, CSA

"The Arthur Clarke Mars Greenhouse was donated by SpaceRef Interactive to the Haughton-Mars Project in 2002. The experiment aims to develop a robust, autonomous greenhouse for growing plants as potential food crops as though it were part of a base on Mars."

Editor's note: Our greenhouse, outfitted with CSA wizardry, continues to function autonomously and send back data and multiple webcam images via satellite on a daily basis. The best time to check for image updates is early evening EDT. [External looking north] [Internal looking south] [Internal looking north]

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