In-Sourcing Update

Editor's note: The following excerpts from internal LaRC Charts show the planning and implementation process for "in-sourcing" - i.e. bringing contractor work in-house to keep civil servants employed. Of course, this means that the contractors who used to do that work will now be laid off.

Workforce Strategy Actions

Mission Directorate Budget Guidlelines have been issued to the centers.

Centers are currently working to understand the marks and determine level of civil service available for new work (AFNW)

Current estimate is that civil service AFNW will be between 1225 to 2000

Decision at Aug 18th SMC, laid out a process to identify available work to help productively employ uncovered FTE
- OHCM and PA&E have developed recommended targets and schedule for meeting agency objective
- Bi-weekly reporting to the Administrator to begin Oct 3rd

Centers to identify FY 2006 AFNW by Sep 30
- By competency, occupation, series, grade

ARC, GRC, LARC, MSFC to identify work to be moved in-house by Oct 14
- Completion of work transfers Oct 15

JSC, KSC, GSFC to identify work available to be performed at other center by Oct 14
- Completion of initial work transfers Nov 15
- Completion of final work transfers Dec 15

Similar Process for FY2007 AFNW transfers
- AFNW identified by Sep 30
- Centers update WIMS to match N-2 by Oct 19
- GSFC, JSC, KSC identify work available for transfer by Nov 1
- Completion of work transfer by Jan 17
- Center Directors and Directorate AA's report status to Administrator

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