Internal NASA Hurricane Katrina Recovery Effort

NASA Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Hurricane Katrina Internal Update Teleconference Notes 11am EDT 3 Sep 2005

- Administrator Griffin and a few key others from HQ (and others) may come to Stennis and Michoud Wednesday via helicopter

- Stennis is closing down as a refugee center as of Tuesday and they'll need buses from JSC to help move people to Shreveport

- Stennis has heard from 35% of Stennis employees and 25% of them are homeless, but they think that percentage will go up

- KSC is going to release some of its hydrogen for the steel industry since the largest supply of stored hydrogen is located in the gulf coast and is not available now

NASA Establishes Relief Inquiry Lines

NASA Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Hurricane Katrina Internal Update Teleconference Notes 11am EDT 2 Sep 2005

- Stennis still working on critical skills personnel list - It appears administrative support will be needed - engineers and technicians This includes a list of people who need to be rotated out to get a break

- Stennis is still working on a list of all the people who have been sheltering at the center

- 49 of 59 Lockheed Martin employees at Stennis are accounted for - 400 of 2,000 are accounted for from Michoud work force; No injuries known at this time; Rocketdyne has been able to account for 80 of its 250 employees

- Top priority is to find locations within other NASA centers where Stennis employees can do their Stennis jobs - If not, then a list of other jobs Stennis employees can do if they can't do their Stennis jobs somewhere else

- JSC web site has list of people who have volunteered their homes to displaced employees - MSFC will tap into that list too

- Employee web site is not up yet but will be soon; Still need for the web site (and PAO) 800 number for where people need to check in and e-mail address; Parsons says we need to make this happen now

NASA PAO notes from 1 September 2005 Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Hurricane Katrina Recovery Efforts Teleconference

- NASA apparently one of the hardest hit agencies

- EOC wants to push to Red Cross more that Stennis has 1,000 civilians who have taken refuge at Stennis and something needs to be done to help these people- NASA isn't set up to continue assisting them so an appropriate agency needs to come in an do so

- Over the next few days, we expect to see people running out of medicine and infectious diseases starting to develop - But right now the employees and citizens who are at Stennis are ok

- National response coordinating to make sure Stennis is recognized as having a high need since it's turned into an emergency relief center

- JSC has set up volunteers to put up displaced people, volunteer housing - If people can get to JSC, it can put people up in homes, give them working space, enroll children in schools, etc.

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