Newspapers - large and small - weigh in

Bigger (Earthly) concerns, editorial, LA Times

"Given these more urgent concerns, cost overruns on a NASA project of dubious scientific value should not be tolerated. If that means delays, so be it. The moon is creeping away from Earth at a rate of only 3.8 centimeters per year; it'll still be around if we can't get there by 2020."

Worth the cost Our position: NASA has a good plan to sell but blundered badly in timing, editorial, Orlando Sentinel

"It might be tempting in the current budget environment for members to save money by rejecting NASA's plan. But America ultimately would be poorer for it."

Space exploration has benefits on Earth, Midland Reporter Telegram

"While the price tag is seen by many as unaffordable and the project lacking in real payback, we couldn't disagree more. We have long taken the stance that our world has literally changed because of the nation's space program. It has help shape the destiny of our world for centuries to come."

Stay off the moon, editorial, Lebanon Daily News

"Griffin says NASA will finance the new moon shot by juggling its existing budget, a declaration that inspires more concern than confidence. NASAs other missions include providing the rockets and other support for global warming research, hurricane prediction and even monitoring of geological hazards. So indirectly, Griffin acknowledged what critics fear: returning to the moon could come at the expense of projects much closer to home. That idea will face scrutiny both on Capitol Hill and Main Street."

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