Purge 2.0 Update: Work Hard - Get Dinged

Editor's note: It would seem that Mike Griffin continues to reward senior members of the SES corps at NASA HQ for services provided between 1 July 2004 through 30 June 2005 by downgrading their performance ratings. The performance plans, i.e., the contract with the SES member, had been agreed to, midterm debriefs conducted, final evalutation debriefs accomplished, and 'final' ratings assigned by the personnel review board. These actions were then endorsed by Deputy Administrator Fred Gregory. The downgrading apparently has no correlation with the individuals' previous year's performance plan or the individuals' actual performance (Griffin only "managed" them for 25% of that period). Recently, another senior HQ employee had his NASA Exceptional Service Medal yanked only hours before he was supposed to receive it. If this happens to these folks, it can certainly happen to others elsewhere in the agency. Keep your heads down folks.

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