Bad History at NASA

Editor's 24 Oct note: According to this image caption on the LRO website: "Robert Rauschenberg's "Stoned Moon" series created after invited to Apollo 11 launch in 1968.".

It is bad enough that some people don't think that America put astronauts on the lunar surface in 1969. Now, NASA itself can't even get the year straight on a website dedicated to a mission associated with the eventual return of humans to the moon. This error was pointed out (by others) a month ago to the people in charge of this website - but they don't seem to care enough to fix it.

Editor's 25 Oct note: This error has now been fixed. What is annoying is the fact that two individuals have told me that they alerted the NASA people responsible for this website about this specifc error - and received assurances that it would be fixed - a month ago. Alas, nothing happened until I used my bullhorn last night - and then - magically - it was fixed in a few hours. NASA's websites are its public face and they should be fixed when errors are pointed out - regardless of who does the pointing - not just when errors are pointed out in a public, embarassing way, as I have done.

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