Griffin's Lunch With Andy Card

Editor's note: Mike Griffin recently had lunch with the President's Chief of Staff, Andrew Card. According to a number of poeple, in his retelling of that lunch, Griffin has told a number of people that the topic of the Space Shuttle came up. As Griffin recounts the conversation to people, Card is purported to have said words to the effect that the President is concerned about the Space Shuttle's safety, that he'd like to see it retired as soon as possible, and that the White House would not be all that upset if it never flew again.

People familiar with high level NASA/White House interactions find it curious that Card would use lunch to send a policy message when phone calls and email are the normal mode of conveying such info. Moreover, others wonder why Griffin is revealing the contents of a private conversation with the President's Chief of staff - something you are supposed to keep to yourself. Stay tuned.

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