Harry Potter Meets TQM at GSFC

NASA GSFC Solicitation: Leadership Alchemy Program

"Leadership Alchemy adopts an ontological, holistic, and whole-person approach. It is a rigorous program that encompasses individual and team learning in the context of workshops, Learning Team meetings, mentoring, coaching, interviewing, and shadowing." ... "Products utilized by Bridges in Organizations, Inc. include, and are not limited to, Learning Guides, workshop handouts and materials, workshop posters, a Mentor-Protg Conversational Guide, and an Alchemist's Toolkit."

Editor's note: WOW - Harry Potter would love this. Where can I get an "Alchemist's Toolkit"? This sounds like one of those programs designed to give people a charge code so they can avoid going to meetings. I wonder what they mean by "shadowing". Sounds kind of creepy - like stalking. What is the point of funding these things - I thought Mike Griffin was going to do away with all of this stuff since he does not practice it in his own management style ("with regard to feelings: I don't do feelings. Just think of me as Spock.").

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