House Passes Its Own Version of INA Bill

Editor's note: This evening the House engaged in 40 minutes of floor debate on its own version of S. 1713 and then passed it by a voice vote.

House Floor Debate: Iran Nonproliferation Amendments Act of 2005

Rep. Calvert Applauds Passage of the Iran Nonproliferation Amendments Act

Rep Boehlert's Floor Statement on S. 1713

House Passes Iran Nonproliferation Act Amendment to Help U.S. Space Program

"The bill the House passed tonight would amend the INA to allow the U.S. to continue paying the Russians for services necessary to operate the Space Station until 2012. The Administration had originally sought language that would have, in effect, eliminated all limitations on payments to the Russians. The Senate version of the bill would have prevented payments after 2012, but would have allowed the U.S. to pay before 2012 for services that would be rendered after that date."

Editor's 25 Oct note: The House is scheduled to take up S. 1713, "A bill to make amendments to the Iran Nonproliferation Act of 2000 related to International Space Station payments", this Wednesday.

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