ISS Reboost Burn Canceled

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 19 October 2005

"Last night's ISS reboost was aborted when Progress 19 thrusters shut down after only 117 sec into the first of two planned burns.Preliminary indications from Moscow are that the thrusters fired as commanded, but that a subsequent loss of communication ("talk back") in the pressure sensing feedback loop within the Progress thruster system caused the premature shutdown."

"Due to the lack of knowledge of the cause of the anomaly at the time, the second reboost burn was postponed by TsUP/Moscow until the situation is fully understood and any identified workarounds implemented. The second burn did not take place, and the short first burn resulted in only 0.32 m/s delta-V (instead of 5.88 m/s planned), with 0.55 km altitude increase (instead of 10.1 km planned from both burns)."

NASA Space Station On-Orbit Status 18 October 2005

"The first burn will be performed at 5:09pm for 705 seconds, the second at 6:33pm for 700 sec, both with 2.94 m/s delta-V each. Main purpose of the reboost is to set up proper orbit phasing for Progress 20 launch."

ISS orbit correction canceled after engine malfunction, ITAR-TASS

"An expert from the Mission Control Center told Tass, "the Progress spacecraft docked to the ISS fired its engines at 01:09 Moscow time but 170 seconds after the engines suddenly stopped functioning."

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