JPL Layoff Update

Reader comment: "As you have already published earlier in your RIF Watch, JPL is hemorraging. Aside from the 300+ contractors, folks deemed non-essential have also been given their walking papers. In this time of crisis, and, one would think, increased communication, the Internal Communications Manager has been let go. Go figure."

Elachi details lab cuts - Layoffs needed to offset reduction in NASA funding, Pasadena Star-News

"Between 5 percent and 8 percent of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory's work force will be laid off in coming weeks, a move intended to help offset JPL's smaller than expected slice of the 2006 NASA budgetary pie, according to an announcement made Monday."

NASA JPL Internal Memo: Elachi to discuss Lab outlook at all-hands meeting

"Elachi will provide an assessment of our ongoing and future programs, status of the FY06 budget, current workforce reductions and planned actions resulting from the employee survey undertaken earlier this year. In response to budget pressures, workforce reductions are currently being carried out -- including layoffs in JPL's largest organization, the Engineering and Science Directorate."

NASA JPL Internal Email: 3X Workforce Reduction

"The short fall of the budget for FY 06 requires that we take immediate action now. Accordingly, we have no choice but to reduce our work force by implementing a lay off."

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