PRCB Tackles STS-121 Launch Date

NASA Makes Progress Understanding Shuttle Tank Foam Loss

"At a news conference today at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, space shuttle managers emphasized they have not set a specific launch date. NASA is using the May 3 to 23, 2006, launch window as a target for work to prepare Discovery for the mission."

Editor's 13 Oct note: NASA held a PRCB today - the main topic was preparations for STS-121. In order to support a May 2006 launch date for STS-121, KSC needs the External Tank by 17 January 2006. The External Tank folks say that they can deliver it by 7 February 2006. However, that delivery date comes with some complex assumptions. The chance of making that date was estimated to range from 50% by MSFC to "somewhat less than 100%" by the External Tank folks. Wayne Hale is reported to have commented that he agreed to the estimate of less than 100%. At end of meeting, according to a knowledgeable source, Wayne Hale said "We have not set a launch date.I don't care what's in the newspapers this evening. So that we all understand, we have had an assessment. We'll come back on the 27th and MAYBE we'll set a launch date."

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