Space Advocacy Groups Start To Scatter When it Comes to the VSE

Griffin Seeks to Break Shuttle Blockade of Moon-Mars Exploration, Offical Mars Society Rant by Bob Zubrin

"Set the goal, and go for it: Moon by 2012, Mars by 2016."

Editor's note: Yea right, Bob. Just send money. Even with his well-crafted lunar exploration architecture, Mike Griffin will be lucky if he gets American back to the moon by 2018.

Space Frontier Foundation departs from the Space Exploration Alliance

"... Instead, the SEA has reverted to blind cheerleading for whatever design bureau government-centric approaches the agency has put forward, as tied to the old ways as they may be, as short- sighted as they may be, and as doomed to fail in the quest to open the frontier as they are. In the end, this blindness, if it does not kill the program in its infancy, will result in an inevitable repeat of the dead end of Apollo - except this time on two worlds instead of one - which would be a betrayal to future generations."

Editor's note: Of course, these folks and their ""companies also want government money and tax breaks - they just don't want Boeing and LockMart to get them too.

Hey, whatever happened to the Coalition for Space Exploration? NASA gave the coalition preferred status. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in aerospace contractor funds were collected (a lot of which went directly into Space Foundation coffers) and the end result was:

"the story of the Vision for Space Exploration. A New Age in Space: The Vision for Space Exploration coloring book is now available online."

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