Squabbling over the ESAS in the Peanut Gallery

The debate over ESAS, Space Review

"Zubrin argued that this complexity is a result of the compromise nature of the Vision, one that puts off development of the heavy-lift launcher until 2011, after the shuttle is retired, as well as use of shuttle-derived components to support the shuttle's existing industrial base. "The policy is irrational because it is a compromise," he said. "In other words, this policy sucks."

"The Vision for Space Exploration as currently enacted is a dead end, and some may even call it a ruse" said Foundation co-founder Rick Tumlinson in a talk immediately following Zubrin's at the conference Friday."

Editor's note: The fact that these guys, who often speak from idelogical extremes, don't like the ESAS probably means that NASA has actually chosen a reasonable middle ground upon which to proceed.

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