TFOME Layoffs at GRC

Editor's note: The following memo was sent out on Monday alerting GRC contractor employees of imminent layoffs:

October 3, 2005

To: All Members of the TFOME Contract
From: Jeff Sultzbaugh, Program Manager

RE: Voluntary Lay-Off/ Reduction in hours

Many of you have heard rumors about potential lay-offs that may affect this and several other contractors at the NASA Glenn Research Center. Unfortunately, we have received notification that a reduction in the TFOME contract is imminent and unavoidable.

As TFOME Management prepares to adjust the TFOME staffing levels to meet the new reduced government requirements, we are wondering if there are any TFOME employees who would like to take a voluntary lay-off or be open to a reduction in his/her hours to a part time or call-in status. This would not affect eligibility for unemployment or COBRA, and as with an involuntary lay-off, the opportunity for rehire remains since the separation would occur on favorable terms.

If there are any employees who are interested in accepting a voluntary lay-off or a reduction in hours, please contact me at 3-6236 by close-of-business on 10/6/05.

Thank you,
Jeff Sultzbaugh
Program Manager
Sierra Lobo, Inc.

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