Congress to NASA: We Want a Plan Before You RIF

NASA Excerpts from Conference Report on H.R. 2862, Science, State, Justice, Commerce and Related Agenices Approp Act 2006

"The conferees note that NASA has, in the past few months, used its buyout authority to promote voluntary separations as a first attempt at reshaping its workforce. The conferees believe that at this early stage, NASA has been able to reshape its workforce without losing critical workforce skills. The conferees direct that NASA shall not go beyond using voluntary buyout authority until it has developed a comprehensive coordinated restructuring plan and implementation roadmap, and has provided a report to the Congress detailing the steps that will be taken in reshaping the agency's human and physical capital assets."

"In addition, NASA must notify the House and Senate Committees on Appropriations in advance of any planned reduction in force pursuant to section 605 reprogramming requirements. With respect to the agency's workforce, the conferees note the impressive core competencies that exist at NASA's field centers, and direct the agency to fully utilize the competencies that reside at these field centers. NASA's field centers are an asset, and not a liability, for our nation. The conferees believe that NASA currently has, and must maintain, world-class scientists and engineers at its field centers. These scientists and engineers must continue to work at the cutting-edge of their disciplines so that they can remain world-class."

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