House Science Committe to NASA: Show Me The Money

Editor's note: Yesterday's webcast of the hearing was interrupted several times due to server problems. The Committee has archived the entire webcast

Prepared Statement by Michael Griffin

"We have adopted a "go-as-you-can-pay" approach toward space exploration, and have set clear priorities and made difficult choices to remain within the budget for exploration."

House Science Democrats: No Consensus on Best Path Forward for NASA

"A number of Science Democrats also voiced their concern at today's hearing over NASA's planned cuts to important agency science and research programs, including the continuing decline in the aeronautics budget. NASA is instituting the cuts to make room for implementation of the Administration's exploration plan. Among the NASA programs facing budgetary cuts are the life sciences program and fundamental Space Station research."

Transcript: Hearing on Status of NASA's Programs, House Science Committee

Opening Statement by Rep. Sherwood Boehlert

"I want to see NASA succeed. I want to see Dr. Griffin succeed. But we can't premise that success on money that doesn't exist and isn't all that likely to exist. And the time to discuss those hard facts is now."

Griffin: NASA Faces $3-5 Billion Gap in Shuttle Budget

Opening Statement by Rep. Bart Gordon

Opening Statement by Rep. Mark Udall

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