HQ Buyout Update - With A Time Travel Twist

NASA HQ Internal Memo: Headquarters Buyout/Early Out Update

"The Headquarters Buyout/Early Out opportunity for employees is currently scheduled to open the week of Dec. 5, 2005, with employees accepting the buyout to be off the rolls by Jan. 3, 2005. We are finalizing several steps, as outlined below, to effect a successful buyout and to ensure that employees are fully informed of the opportunities to participate."

Editor's note: Hmmm - this is an interesting way to save additional money. They want people off the rolls by "Jan. 3, 2005" - that's nearly a year ago. I guess they just bought a time machine - this way they can save an additional year's salary from last year's budget to use next year! I'd love to see how Gwen Sykes implements this new way of accounting ...

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