PRCB: Shuttle Launch Dates Are Still TBD

Editor's note: The PRCB (Program Requirements Control Board) met last Thursday. As a result of this meeting, all future shuttle launch dates contained in the directive issued by the PRCB to update the FDRD (Flight Definition and Requirements Directive) are "TBD".

According to knowledgeable sources, there was some dissension among attendees with regard to the TBDstatus of launch dates. Concerns expressed had to do with contract deliverables, and other issues. Those concerns were reportedly overridden by John Shannon who chaired the meeting. Shannon's comments echoed Wayne Hales' known philosophy.

Shannon is reported to have said "it's ridiculous to set launch dates that we don't know we can meet. NET (No Earlier Than) doesn't help, we are certainly NET 9/22/05 for STS-121, so what's the use of another NET date?"

Meanwhile, the Safety Office indicated that they want to have a rescue mission capability for "STS-115 and subsequent missions".

The External Tankteam was directed to come back with a status report on 1 December. The 'drop dead' decision date for setting a launch date is now 26 January 2006.

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