Who is Actually on the NASA Advisory Council?

NASA Advisory Council Meeting, 29-30 November

Editor's note: The last meeting, scheduled for April was cancelled. As such, the last NAC meeting in nearly a year ago - 7 December 2004. This newly scheduled meeting is two weeks away, yet NASA has not even announced who is actually on the NAC. If you look at this NAC membership page, dated November 2005, you see a list of NAC members - except it is wrong. At least two members, Homer Hickam and Ken Baldwin, have been disinvited from serving, and Fred Gregory resigned from NASA several months ago. (It should be noted that Hickam never actually "served" on the NAC. He was invited to serve on the NAC by Sean O'Keefe but O'Keefe resigned shortly afterwards and Hickam never attended any meetings.)

Griffin Removes NASA Advisory Council Members, NASA Watch

NASA Internal Memo: Enterprise Council (EC) ViTS 19 April 2005

"Previously NASA had one NASA Advisory Committee, and Mr. O'Keefe split the committee in two. Dr. Griffin is recombining the committee back into one committee, and he will select people that he respects as members. Also the Aerospace Safety Advisory Panel, which is mandated, will be staffed by people he admires and respects. He will be elevating their role and status."

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Global MilSatCom, November 5-7, 2019, London, UK

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