Why Does MSFC Pursue Research That Was Cancelled at GRC?

Editor's note: Have a look at these two items relating to research on Hall thrusters. One project at GRC has been cancelled, yet another is apparently still underway at MSFC. If the GRC research was deemed to not support CEV development, why then is the MSFC research still underway?

Further Details Emerge Regarding NASA's Cancellation of Human and Robotic Technology (H&RT) Research Projects

"CANCELLED PI: Jacobson Center: Glenn Title: Multi-100 kW, Long Life Hall Thruster Technology Cost: $8,306,107"

From MSFC bi-weekly notes (internal): "CYLINDRICAL HALL THRUSTER TEST (CHET) (Schmidt/Markusic): The Propulsion Research Center initiated testing of CHET at the Propulsion Research Laboratory. The innovative thruster, which was designed and built at Princeton University, has several advantages over conventional Hall thrusters, and could be a candidate for a solar electric propelled lunar transfer stage. The tests will also prove out operation of MSFC's Variable Amplification Hanging Pendulum with Extended Range, a highly sensitive thrust stand suitable for evaluating a variety of electric propulsion devices. Future efforts in this collaboration between Princeton and MSFC will focus on higher power CHET configurations."

Insight into MSFC's IRAD Wish List, NASA Watch

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