AAAS/Science Magazine Takes NASA To Task Over ISS Science Cuts

NASA: Back to Eating Seed Corn, editorial, Science (subscription)

"We can hope that VSE will come to represent the triumph of hope over experience. But will the basic and applied science be done beforehand that is necessary to keep the explorers safe and healthy, or will these professionals seem more like participants in another extreme sport? There are promises that some of these programs will be restarted after the Moon piece of VSE is done, but then the scientists will be someplace else, and NASA will need years to grow some more seed corn. Griffin should consider some fixes: First, restore NASA's Advisory Council to its full membership; second, ask it to conduct a thorough study of which life sciences efforts are essential to the new vision; and finally, rescue the life scientists and bring them back to the science office."

Editor's note: A hard copy of this editorial was handed out to all of the members of the NASA Advisory Council at the beginning of Wednesday's meeting.

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