JSC Contractor Layoffs Ahead?

Reader note: "I am a Jacobs Sverdrop employee and I work on site at NASA JSC. We received this "first notice" from our management. We are expecting a loss of at least 200 employees and as many as 500."

"All ESCG employees,

Due to continuing delays in the Shuttle Program and the funding needs of the exploration initiative, the NASA budget for FY06 is different than previous years for Shuttle and Station. This has caused a reduction of funds available for JSC Engineering Directorate projects and for operation and maintenance of their facilities.

As a result, ESCG Senior Management is faced with significant changes in our tasking from our customer. Although we do not understand the full extent of the impact that it will have on this contract, we do anticipate that we will have to reduce the size of our workforce to meet the new funding levels. Our management team has been working diligently with the customer to determine the extent of the funding cuts. It is our intention that we have a plan in place to address this issue in the next few weeks.

We understand that this uncertainty will cause anxiety for our employees and we have a responsibility to each of you to explore all viable options to mitigate the negative effects on our workforce and to this contract. It is our commitment to communicate openly and honestly with all ESCG employees as we gain more information. You can anticipate receiving more communication from myself, your immediate manager, and teammate company over the coming weeks. We do not have any specific information to relay at this time. However, we plan to set up a web page on the portal by December 7 with answers to questions regarding this situation.

Bo Arnold"

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