Yank Their Job - Then Throw Them Crumbs

Reader note: "I recently departed the largest engineering contractor at GRC, Zin Technologies. Although my leaving was voluntary, on my final day of work, the company handed out WARN act notices to the majority of the workforce -

(as referenced in your RIF watch section at http://www.nasawatch.com/archives/2005/11/grc_layoff_upda_1.html). Many longtime colleagues were simply sent home shortly thereafter, leaving behind, in some cases, decades of their work. This week, those employees were recalled to "secretarial" duty in a letter containing the following:"

"We have been instructed by NASA to provide task work to all those that are currently at-home on WARN. The immediate task will be to support AAMED/SAMS in their closeout activities. This will include property/inventory, final report generation, and other documentation.

Technical activities will be directed by Ray Pavlik.

As you will be on regular full-time status, all previous benefits will be provided including health, 401-k, etc.

Failure to accept the position will be considered a voluntary separation and will result in forfeit of future payment under WARN Act."

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