Another Hollow Space Rant From the UK Press

Heavens, what a waste of space, long pointless rant, Times of London

"As Nasa remembers the Challenger astronauts, it should pay them a tribute that is 20 years overdue. The shuttle's next flight should be to the Smithsonian's Air and Space Museum, and the grandiose Moon and Mars plans belong in the bin. The bad-taste joke of 1986 was that Nasa stood for Need Another Seven Astronauts. In truth, it doesn't need any at all."

Editor's note: Mark Henderson: and the last time the UK launched humans into space, or sent humans (or anything for that matter) to the moon was ...? And what happened to your hitchhiking Mars probe (can you say "splat")? Call back when you folks actually accomplish something in space, Mark. Our biggest failures accomplished more than your greatest successes.

Editor's update: To those several U.K. residents who sent me comments this morning suggesting that the Times does not speak for the U.K.: please show me an editorial from a UK publication about American space exploration which does not dump on the U.S.

Editor's update: Apparently there are non-snarky voices in the UK:

In praise of ... Stardust, The Guardian

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