Confusing Messages From NASA

They Came From Outer Space!, NASA HQ

"You'll find many space-developed or improved products literally at arm's reach -- like in your kitchen, for instance."

Washington Metropolitan Area Media Invited to Lean More About Local Nanotechnology Challenges and Possibilities, NASA GSFC

"In the years ahead, nanotechnology advancements for NASA will lead to plastics that are many times stronger and significantly lighter. Astronaut monitoring systems at the nano level may be used to detect cancer or for at-home health monitoring. Even fuel cells in the emerging hydrogen economy likely will use nanotechnology."

Editor's note: I am a little confused. This sort of "spin-off", non-human exploration research on ISS (and on the ground) is being halted across the agency. Contractors at other NASA centers (ARC, GRC, MSFC, LaRC) who worked in areas such as this have been laid off and civil servants have put on other tasks. The rationale being either there is not enough money and/or NASA is now focused only on sending humans to the moon as part of the VSE. As such, what does any of this GSFC nanotechnology work have to do with the VSE? And if there is a connection, why does GSFC get to do this stuff while it is being erased everywhere else? In addition, if NASA is not going to fund this sort of stuff any more, why does it continue to hype spinoffs on its main home page? Shouldn't there be a public notice that funding for this sort of work is being discontinued? A little consistency, please.

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