Griffin Comments on Advanced Propulsion Research

Reader comment: "Our Administrator, Mike Griffin, was here at Marshall Space Flight Center this past Friday (1/6/06). We had an opportunity to ask him some direct questions. One of our guys asked him "Since some type of advanced propulsion will be essential for ever getting humans beyond Mars was there any way he could provide some support in the somewhat near term for advanced propulsion research." He answered very strongly, "NO !!!", followed by a very long silence.

He was then asked if we could support other agencies in this regard. He responded that he was not interested in taking in other agencies laundry to protect jobs, but if it was in the area of a specific technology that would be useful to our currently planned missions then that would be alright. He went on to say that "we have an obligation to work on those things that have been directed and funded by the White House and Congress." He went on to say "Many of you have been doing good work in areas that are no longer funded. LET IT GO! ", (the capital letters reflect his emphasis)."

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