Honoring Katrina Bravery - Well Done

NASA Honors Workers for Bravery During Hurricane

Remarks by NASA Administrator Griffin at Michoud Assembly Facility - NASA Exceptional Bravery Medal Presentation

"Sometime in the near future, a spaceship will be flying toward a lunar research base. That spaceship will contain equipment made with the greatest expertise and care in the Crescent City here at Michoud. And when that spaceship is en route to the Moon, we should all look back in time and say a word of thanks to the Marshworks volunteers and the other heroes of Michoud."

Michoud Assembly Facility Employees Honored with NASA Exceptional Bravery Medal: Ronald Adams, Joseph Barrett, Donald Bollich, Fred Castle, Dan Doell, John Fisher, James Ford, Stephen Francis, Monroe Frazier, Ernest Graham, William Hale, Willie Henderson, Paul Herrin, Royal Holland, Guy Jackson, Ivory Jordan, Joe Kennedy, Donald Leon, Michael Moore, Daryl Ordes, Michael Parquet, John Pucheu, George Rogers, Steven Roshto, Alan Rovira, Joan Savoy, Vickie Schmersahl, Patrick Shea, Henry Sissac, Aline Sullwold, Steve Thompson, Richard Treat, Stephen Turner, Byran Walker, Edward Watts, Roland Williams, Terry Winchester, Malcom Wood

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