Making Roving Mars Difficult To See

'Mars' looks fine, thanks to IMAX, USA Today

'Roving Mars' Seizes An Opportunity With Spirit, Washington Post

Editor's note: Everyone I have talked to has said that "Roving Mars" is an amazing film. Hoping to avoid a multi-hour trip into and out of downtown Washington just to see it (and write a review) I thought I'd drive 10 miles to see it at the Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center next to Dulles Airport. Well, in order to see "Roving Mars" at the Udvar-Hazy Center you have to pay $8.50 admission (no complaint). But you also have to pay $12.00 to park. That's $20.50 for one person to see a film 40 minutes long. Oh well, at least I have several places close to home where I can see it eventually. Meanwhile, people who work at JPL (on the actual ongoing rover mission itself) have to travel hundreds of miles to the bay area (Dublin, San Jose, or San Francisco) to see it - even though there are IMAX theaters all over southern California. You'd think that some of the same creativity that went into the mission - and the film - and the generosity of LockheedMartin - would be put into making this film a little more accessible to the public by IMAX - and the Smithsonian.

Reader note:"Just a quick note regarding your commentary on the release of "Roving Mars" at NASM. The film is an independent production by George Butler and Kennedy/Marshall Inc, distributed by Disney. NASM (both downtown and at Udvar-Hazy) are merely venues at which the film is being screened. The Smithsonian had no involvement with the production of the film, and they are not accountable for the distribution of the film to the various IMAX theatres around the country.

In that regard, the "Roving Mars" film will eventually be shown in all the IMAX theatres in the U.S. The release schedule is staggered, with it opening at additional IMAX theatres across the country throughout the spring and summer. The release schedule had to be staggered to comply with pre- existing committments on the part of the individual theatres which have to expire before a new film can be added to their schedules. In other words, they have to wait until the contract to show one of the existing films ends before they can add a new one. The film will eventually be shown in the southern California IMAX theatres, but it will be a while before "Harry Potter" clears out to make room. In the mean time, a special screening is being arranged for all the folks on the rover team at JPL, so they won't have to wait."

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