Paradigms That Need Shifting

The Sword, the Ploughshare and the Pocketbook, Space Frontier Foundation

"... Not so for space. Unlike air travel, where the overlapping needs of the two cultures have continued to support each other from the very beginning, human spaceflight has been in the hands of a third player - NASA - since its inception. And NASA's needs unfortunately have little in common with the needs of military, commercial or other civil agencies.In fact, embryonic programs started or under way in the military were canceled or moved into NASA, in the interests of consolidation perhaps, and of course, turf. And why not have it all under one roof? After all, it was all about putting people in space, wasn't it?

No, it wasn't, and it isn't."

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Sword and Planet by Christopher Ruocchio - Baen Books
Agent of the Imperium by Marc Miller - Baen Books

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