Real - and Imaginary - NASA Spinoffs

People With Dizziness, Motor And Movement Disorders Find Their Balance Again Thanks To NASA-Developed Technology, Rush University Medical Center

"Developed for use by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), computerized dynamic posturography (CDP) testing generates a comprehensive report, with treatment protocols individualized for each patient to direct and monitor the plan of care."

Americas New Breed of Chiropractors Using NASA Discovered Technology: Spinal Decompression, PR Web

"How are today's generation of Chiropractors having such amazing results with disc compression? Nasa discovered technology virtually eliminates need for invasive disc surgeries."

Editor's note: While the Rush University press release goes into specific detail about the NASA spinoff now being used in therapeutic practice, the chiropractors issue an utterly misleading press release. Other than the title and this intro sentence, no "NASA technology" whatsoever is mentioned, discussed, or even alluded to in this "press release".

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