Whacking People and Programs at NASA

Transcription of Press Conference with Mike Griffin at NASA KSC

"GRIFFIN: We are not, in your words, we are not "whacking" the space science program to pay for human exploration. This is not "The Sopranos," we don't whack people or programs here. We have, of course, in this nation I do not need to be the one to tell you this a difficult budgetary environment. NASA is not looking forward or expecting any gifts of robust growth from either the administration or the Congress. We expect to keep approximately the funding we have, which will essentially be a very low growth funding profile and therefore, all of the components, each separate component of what NASA does can expect to have, at best, only modest growth. The difference between cuts and modest growth, I guess, needs to be explained to people. I think we're doing well and within NASA the space science program is doing well and will continue to do well."

Editor's note: With regard to "we don't whack people or programs here.", I hate to be the one to break the news to you, but that is exactly what you've done, Mike. Look what has happened to NASA's life sciences programs - and the people who did that work - during your tenure. This was a capability that took decades to create - then it was gone in an instant. Sure sounds like it has been "whacked" to me.

NASA News Conference With Mike Griffin: Exploration Systems Architecture Study (Transcript) (20 Sept 2005)

"I think I just said this was not about taking money from the science programs for human space flight and it's not. The science program has not--in our forward planning, we do not take one thin dime out of the science program in order to execute this architecture. It is about re-directing what we do in the human space flight program."

Reader comment: "Regarding your article on whacking the people and science programs they created as one of the hundred odd contractors who very recently got whacked at GRC it was sure news to me that what was left of the low gravity program wasnt being targeted for reduction. Maybe its all for good reasons and strategies, but people were tossed out of the science program at GRC after decades of faithful service to the programs. We are grown adults and can take bad news, we just dont care for artful dodging about what is really happening at the execution end of things."

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