Contradictory and Confusing Quotes from LaRC's Science Chief

At NASA, smart money takes on new meaning, Daily Press

"Q: There has been a fear expressed by some that science is going to take a back seat to space exploration at budget time. With the proposed Bush administration budget, is that fear being realized?

A: [Lelia Vann] Not really. We (the agency) were only cut to 1.5 percent (an increase in President Bush's 2007 budget), and that's not bad considering everything. I don't blame it on exploration. If you look at it, we've got our own problems in keeping costs down. ... We realize the agency has to have exploration dollars."

Editor's note: Gee, Lelia, you're certainly not paying much attention to the logic of what you are saying. First you say "I don't blame it on exploration" - which is followed by "We realize the agency has to have exploration dollars". Don't you see the contradiction in your own words? And why blame science for these cuts? Mike Griffin hasn't. Indeed, he has openly admitted that he had to take science dollars to pay for exploration.

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