Erasing Life Sciences History at ARC

Editor's 13 Feb note: As you all know NASA HQ and ESMD have made certain that life sciences at ARC has been all but erased. Have a look at the location of the Ames life sciences website. I don't see anything. Go do a Google search for "life science ames NASA". Check out the top listing the comes back. Note the cached version of what was once there. It is as if NASA is trying to erase an entire research community - one that took decades to create. Next on the list for decimation: the NASA Astrobiology Institute - this time by Mary Cleave at SMD.

Editor's 15 Feb update: Someone at ARC apparently felt that a simple blank white page looked bad - so they tossed a few simple links on the page so that it isn't totally blank - just almost totally blank - but still useless.

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