Oh No, Not Another George Deutsch Daily Update

Someday the Sun Will Go Out and the World Will End (but Don't Tell Anyone), NY Times

"Last week my colleague Andrew Revkin reported that a 24-year-old NASA political appointee with no scientific background, George C. Deutsch, had told a designer working on a NASA Web project that the Big Bang was "not proven fact; it is opinion," and thus the word "theory" should be used with every mention of Big Bang."

Editor's 13 Feb note: (sigh) It would seem that the New York Times is now going to find a way to mention George Deutsch at least once a week. And if they don't, then the Washington Post will.

Editor's 15 Feb note: True to form, the Post invokes George again.

The Silencing Of Science, OpEd, Anne Applebaum, Washington Post

"One of the benefits of writing newspaper articles is that sometimes, instead of sending anonymous insults, readers call you up and tell you interesting things. Two weeks ago, after news broke that a NASA press officer had resigned amid revelations that he'd tried to muffle the agency's top climate scientist, I got several such calls."

Editor's note: You can email Anne at applebaumanne@yahoo.com or call her at 800.627.1150 or 202.334.6000

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