Politics Vs Facts at NASA PAO

Some grumble of politicization at NASA, Orlando Sentinel

"Public affairs is here to make sure that we put out intelligible, grammatically correct information in a way that is interesting and promotes what we do," spokesman Acosta said. "We do not get involved in any sort of censorship or changing of scientific data." [Senator] Nelson, who is running for re-election, needs more convincing. "You have to question whether or not the agency is starting to go off the rails because of political influence," Nelson said. "I think it's good that all of this has been exposed, and we need to get to the bottom of it. The last thing in the world that needs to be politicized is NASA."

Under Siege, Washington Post

"An information war is breaking out on multiple fronts, with journalists caught in the crossfire ... A larger example: James Hansen, NASA's top climate scientist, told the New York Times last month that agency officials tried to "censor" him by insisting on reviewing his lectures, papers and interviews, after he called for a reduction in greenhouse gases tied to global warming."

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