Shana Goes Native

Editor's note: As many of you will recall, last summer, Mike Griffin responded [audio] to a question about how he deals with people by saying "I don't do feelings. Just think of me as Spock". Of course, as many starship captains have learned, you often need someone who is more sensitive to people's feelings to help smooth off the rough edges as you command. Hence the position of ship's counselor was created. A few months back Shana Dale, who worked at OSTP for the President's science advisor, joined NASA as its Deputy Administrator. Shana is also rather adept in Washington politics (another weak portion of Griffin's skill set). Alas, one thing many people fear when they learn that a co-worker is going to move to NASA is that they will "go native" after a few months at NASA. Well, based on this recent official portrait of Shana Dale, she has indeed "gone NASA". Click on image to enlarge.

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