The Slow Motion Gutting of Space Science to Fund VSE

Planetary Society Charges Administration with Blurring its Vision for Space Exploration

"The NASA Budget released today shortchanges space science in order to fund 17 projected space shuttle flights. Despite recent spectacular results from NASA's science programs, this budget puts the brakes on their growth within the agency. It seriously damages the hugely productive and successful robotic exploration of our solar system and beyond."

NASA Budget Betrays Vision for Space Exploration, IFPTE

"The stop-gap approach of devouring everything else at the Agency, while holding out for some future financial miracle, is irresponsible. This course of action is destroying NASA's key infrastructure and capabilities, and the hundreds of millions recouped cannot make up the multi-billion dollar Shuttle shortfall."

Rep. Boehlert Comments on President's Budget

"I am greatly concerned about the proposed budget for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). We have to be sure that we are not demonstrating that science is a 'crown jewel' of NASA by seeing how much we can get for it at the pawnshop. I believe the most important planet in the Universe is the one we live on."

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