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Astronauts blast science budget cuts, Reuters/CNN

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- The Bush administration's focus on big, expensive space missions is starving budgets for some of NASA's most productive small-scale science programs, astronomers told the U.S. Congress on Thursday."

Editor's note: This is what happens when a perfectly fine wire report (in this case from Reuters) has a new title added to it by an outlet which pays for the right to post their stories. I was in the room and saw who was there. With the exception of Mary Cleave (a former astronaut who actually made the budget cuts) everyone who was "blasting" NASA from the witness table was an astronomer, astrophysicist, or geophysicist. Contrary to what the title says there were no "astronauts blasting science budget cuts" -- at least not at that hearing ... Editor's update: The fixed it to read "scientists".

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