House Science Committe Hearings on NASA FY 2007 Science Budget

Science Leaders Argue for Different Priorities in NASA's Science Budget for FY07

"In response to a question from Chairman Sherwood Boehlert (R-N.Y.), the scientists said that, if NASA did not get more money for science than it has proposed, then NASA should first preserve smaller scientific missions and research funding rather than setting aside funds for large, flagship missions. They said the smaller missions and research funding were more important to the continued health of their fields."

NASA Budget Puts Key Science Priorities at Risk of Delay, Cancellation

"NASA's science programs have helped to nurture and develop generations of scientists and engineers through university-based research, participation in space science missions and data analysis," stated Ranking Member Rep. Bart Gordon (D-TN). "But NASA's proposed budget plan puts all of that at serious risk."

Statement by Mary L. Cleave
Statement by Fran Bagenal
Statement by Berrien Moore III
Statement by Joseph H. Taylor
Statement by Rep. Ken Calvert
Statement by Rep. Boehlert
Statement by Rep. Bart Gordon
Statement by Rep. Mark Udall

Statement by Wesley T. Huntress, Jr

"I am an advocate for the scientific exploration of spaceusing both robotic and human elements- with the emphasis on scientific exploration. I also believe in the President's new Space Policy and that the CEV is the right way to start. But this FY07 budget proposes to implement the 2-year old Vision for Space Exploration without sufficient funding, and as a consequence does considerable damage to NASA's robotic, scientific exploration program. NASA's plans have been called Apollo on steroids, but the budget provided is Apollo on food stamps."

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