KSC Takes a Safety Break

KSC Reader note: "As a result of a spate of mishaps, missteps and accidents in Shuttle processing, KSC senior management decided to have the whole center (save the folks supporting the PEGASUS launch in California) take two hours off on Thursday 3-16 to "discuss safety". The string of incidents cited for this decision were:

- Over pressurizing the water loop on ATLANTIS (OV-104)

- Dropping an x-ray film canister on the body flap of ENDEAVOUR (OV-105)

- Running a bridge bucket (work platform) into the robot arm of DISCOVERY (OV-103) hard enough to crack the arm and cause it to be sent to Canada for repair. This incident happened, by the way, because a technician broke a light in the Orbiter payload bay by striking it while working next to it. The bridge bucket was needed to clean up the broken glass.

- Accidentally starting a fire in the VAB near where SRB segments were being processed.

All these happened before the launch date was moved to July. We have been pushed pretty hard by management to make the May date. A lot of people here have been working long hours for a long time. But the good news (according to our managers) has been that there is no schedule pressure.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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