LSU Hires Leroy Chiao - Raborn/Faget Chair Professorship

NASA legend, LSU alumnus recognized with establishment of engineering professorship

"Officially titled the "Smiley and Bernice Romero Raborn Chair in Mechanical Engineering, as part of the Initiative to Recognize Max Faget," or Raborn/Faget Chair for short, the professorship will be created through a $600,000 donation from the Raborn family and matched by $400,000 in funds from the state of Louisiana."

College of Engineering receives $1 million grant - Fund to be used for new professorship, LSU Reville

"The department has hired Leroy Chiao, who retired from NASA in December 2005 after he worked as an astronaut for 14 years and logged more than 220 days in space... The initiative seeks to recognize Faget's outstanding contributions to the aerospace industry and increase the Universitys national standing."

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