New NASA Media Policy

Administrator Griffin and Deputy Administrator Dale to Hold NASA Update - March 30, 2006


NASA Principles and Policies on Scientific Openness

"The resulting new policy, which will be available today on our Web site at, contains a statement of principles and revised policies that will enable better cooperation across our agency and more effective communication with the public."

NASA Policy on the Release of Information to News and Information Media

"This directive sets forth policy governing the release of public information, which is defined as information in any form provided to news and information media, especially information that has the potential to generate significant media, or public interest or inquiry. Examples include, but are not limited to, press releases, media advisories, news features, and web postings. Not included under this definition are scientific and technical reports, web postings designed for technical or scientific interchange, and technical information presented at professional meetings or in professional journals."

Editor's note: You'd think with all the work that went into the new media policy that NASA would go to some effort to make sure that the affected parties know that this will be featured on NASA TV today. With the exception of this notice posted internally at GSFC yesterday, the only public notice I can find appeared on this page this morning - and it is buried several layers away from where you'd expect a more prominent notice to be posted. And even then, all this notice says is "3 p.m. - NASA Update with Administrator Michael Griffin and Deputy Administrator Shana Dale HQ (Special Programming) (Public and Media Channels)". No mention is made of what will be discussed.

What good is a policy about how NASA's people are to communicate if NASA can't even manage to find a way to communicate with those who are affected to tell them that the policy is being announced?

Editor's note: This is an internal NASA GSFC Notice:

ALL-HANDS WITH CENTER DIRECTOR: All GSFC scientists, engineers, and interested individuals are invited to an all-hands discussion, today, March 30, at 3 p.m. in the Bldg. 8 Auditorium on NASA's new policy on the release of information to news and information media. NASA Administrator Mike Griffin will kickoff the all-hands with a NASA update broadcast from Headquarters that will be carried live on NASA TV.

Immediately following his remarks, Dr. Weiler; NASA's Deputy Associate Administrator for the Science Mission Directorate, Colleen Hartman; and Deputy Chief for Public Affairs, Don Savage will take part in a panel session to discuss the new policy.

A Q&A session will follow. This all hands will be broadcast to Wallops, GISS, and IV&V and employees at these locations are encouraged to participate.

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