The Gutting of Astrobiology Moves Forward

ROSES-06 Amendment 5: Adjustments in ROSES-2006 to align with the NASA budget

"Specifically the proposed FY07 budget includes a 15% reduction for R&A in most disciplines and a 50% reduction in astrobiology. These budgets are sufficiently different from the planning budgets that were used to develop ROSES-2006 that adjustments are required in several ROSES-2006 program elements to be consistent with NASA's FY06 operating budget and the President's requested NASA FY07 budget."

Funding Notification Sent out by NASA Headquarters to Astrobiology Investigators

"By now you will probably have received notification that there will not be an Exobiology solicitation in ROSES-06. Due to cuts in the FY06 Astrobiology Program budget, and the proposed cuts in the FY07 budget, the four funding lines in the Program (Exo, NAI, ASTID, and ASTEP) are under extreme pressure."

Astrobiology researcher note: "I would like to share this email I received from the Exobiology program manager at NASA HQ. This is the direct result of the recent cuts to Astrobiology. This was also my first proposal as a principal investigator. I had at least hoped that the decision to fund, or not fund, my proposal would be decided based on merit, as opposed to being a victim of misguided policy."

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