USA Layoffs Are About to Begin

Editor's note: "Yesterday United Space Alliance held an "informational meeting" in Houston to advise employees that their tasks were no longer deemed necessary. As a result, USA would soon be eliminating those tasks from the current contract with NASA. Still unknown is the timeframe for separations - all that was given was a range between May and October of FY06. Employees were advised to start seeking employment elsewhere. The USA HR rep stated that USA is not even considering any early retirement or severance packages for displaced employees. Employees will be given the standardUSA two week notice. Employees who are offered positions within USA - and then decline those offers - will be treated as a "voluntary resignations" and therefore probably not be eligible for unemployment benefits."

Transcription of Press Conference with Mike Griffin at NASA KSC

"GRIFFIN: We are not, in your words, we are not "whacking" the space science program to pay for human exploration. This is not "The Sopranos," we don't whack people or programs here."

Editor's update: The following was sent to NASA Watch by Jeff Carr at USA. Houston: "Hi Keith - Id like to offer some additional background related to the recent NASA Watch posting, "USA Layoffs Are About to Begin." There are a small number of Flight Ops Training jobs (9 USA; 5 subcontractors) that are being eliminated from the SFOC as the number of training tasks required to fly out the program are reduced. We are giving the affected employees as much time as possible to try to find a new job with USA or elsewhere. As always, we will do our best to place them internally. Any employee who is involuntarily terminated is entitled to standard company severance benefits. An employee who declines an offer of continued employment is not. This is not a Reduction in Force and, in fact, is a measure to help prevent that from happening. If/when we are ever faced with such an action, there will be extensive communication in advance with all employees, our customers and the Congress. Ill be happy to include you in that process."

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