CEV By 2011? Just Send Money

Statement by NASA Administrator Michael Griffin before the Senate Subcommittee on Science and Space

"The FY 2007 budget request is sufficient to bring the CEV online no later than 2014, and potentially much sooner. Given the analysis I have today and the need to balance budgets with proposed development work for the CEV and launch vehicles along with the cost estimates for that work, I cannot be more specific for our stakeholders in the White House and Congress at this time about the specific point between 2010 and 2014 when NASA will be able to bring the CEV online. NASA requested industry proposals for the CEV, and we have considerable incentives for an industry bidder to propose a planned development for the CEV as close to 2010 as possible."

NASA Chief Eyes 2011 for New Spacecraft, AP

"A new spaceship could be ready to replace the nation's aging shuttle fleet by 2011 - three years ahead of schedule - if lawmakers added money to NASA's proposed budget, the head of the space agency told a congressional panel on Tuesday."

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